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The Piperchief bag protects your bagpipes and kit as you travel. With its reinforced hard plastic shell, the contents are kept secure and protected. Hand crafted leather straps and the quality Lochcarron tartan panels give the bag a traditional twist. Subtle feet provide a solid base for the bag to stand on when it is not being carried and extra support when the bag is opened.

Baird Modern Tartan

Baird tartan is a modern twist on the traditional with a hint of bright pink woven through the primarily green pattern. The dark background blends in well with the black shell on the bag whilst the pink ensures that the tartan stands out.  

Premium Leather, Hard Plastic Shell, Aluminium Reinforcement, Water Resistant Tartan Panels and Zips, Water Resistant Interior Foam Lining.


Bag Only - £159.80 deposit (£799 full price)

Bag and all accessories - £199.80 deposit (£999 Full price)



Add-ons: 2x Drone Roll - Chanter Tube - Acc Pouch - Reed Tin - Drone Reed

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