Meet Orla

The Golden Eagle putting

Piper Chief to the test


We thought to ourselves, who could we get to out the Piperchief case to the test? We had friends at the Loch Lomond Bird Centre, and a very special bird named Orla was the obvious choice... 

Orla is a magnificent Golden Eagle, rare birds who are predominately found in north west Scotland. They are solitary creatures that tend to stick to remote mountain locations or in high remote wooded areas. 

Her claws are designed to pierce and clamp prey, exerting nearly two tons of pressure. Her wingspan can reach up to 240cm and she weighs nearly 5,900lb. 

She luckily didn't put any holes through the Piperchief Flight Case! 

You can visit her and other feathered friends at the Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Sanctuary, Balloch