Designed by Pipers, 

for Pipers 

Piperchief began with founder Damian Bell, who as a life-long bagpiper and traveller, decided the soft and bulky bags on the market just weren't good enough for the job. 

He wanted a well crafted, beautiful flight case to keep his family bagpipes safe, as well as allowing him to show off his culture and heritage as he travelled the world playing his pipes. 

Watch our video on how Piperchief is crafted below.  



The finest crafted leathers, with a Scottish twist... 


Carry your pipes with pride - from weddings to festivals and onto competitions, all over the world.


No more Flight 'Carry-on'

A Flight Case specifically designed for Bagpipes, it is sized to meet majority airline hand/carry-on luggage regulations, giving you peace of mind that your pipes are with you all the way and will arrive at your destination by your side. 



with Care

Our cases are handcrafted with Scottish Leather, worked, stitched and finished by hand by expert craftsmen near Edinburgh.


Water Resistant and Secure 

The water-resistant interiors are hand-machined and formed to provide plenty of padded space inside. Along with adjustable straps, your pipes are kept secure and dry. The tamper-proof, lockable and waterproof zipper protects the case and its contents on its travels. 



yet Rugged

The advanced hard-shell construction, that keeps your pipes protected, is manufactured and tested extensively in Glasgow, to ensure they hold up to the wear and tear of travel.

We also put the bag to the test,  and into the claws of Orla, the Golden Eagle, who can apply two tons of crushing power with her claws alone. 


Organised and Protected 

A matching range of Drone-rolls, Chanter Tubes , Reed holders and pouches are available to keep accessories contained and give dissasembled pipes an extra layer of protection during transit, arriving organised and ready to set up.


Personal Touch 

And finally, we use the best Lochcarron Woven Tartan and leather stamping to give each bag an individual, Scottish twist that can also be customised to you or your team. 


Get Creative

Would you like to create you're very own Piperchief? Perhaps you have a team to kit out?


Make Your Own